Weld Tracking

  • Register every weld in a project (with the used WPS, Welder, Base and Filler Metal Mill Test Reports, etc)
  • Keep track of welder performance with repair percentages
  • Print out a document with all the project information
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Advanced Search Mechanism - QMatrix

QMatrix will allow you to avoid having overlapping qualifications and respond to your clients specifications and quotations a lot faster

  • Start by inputting the project requirements such as pipe and plate sizes, base materials, and welding processes
  • Click on the button to generate a map with all the qualifications you have that are compliant with the requirements you chose
  • Want to know more? Watch the video!
Weldnote QMatrix - Match Qualifications and Project Requirements

Welding Procedure Specifications

Writing Welding Procedure Specifications is now a lot easier.

  • You select the PQR that qualifies you for a job, and you create a WPS from it.
  • Afterwards you have to adjust the parameters for the project you're fabricating
  • WeldNote references the PQR at all times and doesn't allow the user to go over the approval ranges and heat inputs that were set
WPS showing errors because it is not compliant with PQR approval range
Exported WPS Format

Project Welding Book

Welding Books are documents to carry the information (Weld Lists, WPS, PQR, PWHT Cycles and Drawings) for a project, for welders and clients to consult

  • Create the Welds that are going to be performed in the project
  • Select the base materials, thicknesses, etc
  • Select the PQR and WPS for each weld

WeldNote fetches all the PQR and creates the WPS, embedding them in a PDF document that you can print and send to your welders and clients. Click on the image to download a sample welding book generated by Weldnote.

Sample Welding Book generated by Weldnote

Welder Certificates

Manage all your welder certificates inside WeldNote

  • Lists with certificates that are about to expire soon
  • Get notified when a certificate is due to expire in the current day
  • Revalidate Certificates individually or in batch
List of Expired Certificates

Why Weldnote?

In this day and age, many companies still use paper and/or Excel spreadsheets to maintain their quality records and welding certifications.

This leads to unnecessary admin, storage issues and inefficient traceability of important documents.

As you put more people on the same task, or people move jobs, more errors will appear and your company will lose money through increased inefficiencies and slower production times.

As you put more people on the same task, or people move jobs, more errors will appear and your company will lose money through increased inefficiencies and slower production times.

  • Concentrate on the finished, welded product
  • Save time and money by taking on less administrative burdens
  • Guarantee the quality of your work
  • Provide full traceability of all welders, base and filler materials, PQRs's, WPS's and WPQ's.
Weldnote QMatrix - Match Qualifications and Project Requirements

Weldnote Features


Manage All your PQR, WPS

  • Manage all your Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) and Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) with all their respective essential variables.
  • Upload the documents to our database for easy access
  • Perform searches through these variables to ensure your company is qualified for a project from its beginning.
  • Generate Welding Procedure Specifications with a few clicks, using the essential variables from your PQR, in compliance ISO 15609, ASME IX

Welder Certificates / WPQ

Manage Certificates and their validation

  • Store all your welder certificates (WPQ) with their respective essential variables
  • Upload your welder certificates and associate them with the respective welder for easy access
  • Validate all your certificates with our certificate requalification tool, which will alert you to the expiration dates of your welder qualifications avoiding costly re-tests for your workers


Match Project Requirements and Qualifications

  • Define upcoming projects and use the information from the material take-off or weld list to create a grid-like qualifications’ matrix informing you of what needs new certifications and what doesn’t
  • Use this for welders, welder certificates, welding procedure specifications and procedure qualification records, assuring your clients that your company is qualified for their project from the start
  • Save up to 90% in this task, all you need to do is add piping or plating pieces to the project and weldnote cross-references all the requirements of the project with the pqr, welding procedure specifications and welder certificates in your company, showing your qualifications in a matrix for easy visual interpretation.

Total quality assurance

in compliance with welding standards ISO 15614-1, ASME IX, ISO 9606-1, fulfilling the requirements of ISO 3834-2, and allowing you to produce according to EN 1090-2, EN 13480, EN 13445, ASME VIII, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.1, etc

Save Time

Having access to your data from anywhere means you can advance production without having to travel between shops , job sites or offices with all the documentation needed to do so, by performing these tasks remotely by smartphone, tablet or laptop

Minimize error costs

With full traceability of the welds, welders, and welding procedures, you will know your company’s qualifications and not qualify overlapping procedures mistakenly. Avoid repairs that come from unidentified welds in production

Cloud Based

Access all your welding information from a client’s office to inform them of your company’s quality capabilities, or from a job site in a different country

Automatic Updates

Instant, automatic updates, which are included for no additional pay, which means new features will be included on your plan without requiring any sort of visit by WeldNote’s technicians to your company

Data Safety

All information is stored in a server operated by professionals of the area, guaranteeing that your data will not be lost or stolen

Automatic Backups

Periodic backups of your data, which guarantees that your data will always be available. Never again lose important information due to power-outs or hard-drive malfunctions

Mobile friendly

Access all your information on a tablet or smartphone and perform all tasks directly on-site. Lookup or create Welding Procedure Specifications from the job site to help your welders in real-time

Centralized Access

You will have all your documents in one place, accessible from all your computers without the need of installing in every single one