Privacy Policy

  1. As creator and service provider of WeldNote App, WeldNote, Lda. ensures users full privacy, confidentiality and security of the data they enter into their account, including personal information, as well as information related to their business partners. However, WeldNote, Lda. can’t be held accountable for actions by third parties.
  2. The database in each user’s account ensures full confidentiality of all data assigned to it.
  3. Before the service provider agreement can come into effect, WeldNote, Lda. asks the users for their personal data strictly for commercial use, namely billing, invoicing, and contractual or statistical purposes.
  4. Under any circumstances will a user’s personal data be published, given to third parties, or used for advertising or marketing, without explicit consent by the user, except if he or she violates the terms and conditions of the service. In that case, the data might be used for purposes of civil, infringement or criminal charges.
  5. The user allows WeldNote, Lda. to use his or her data to send out information about new services and updates to the current services.
  6. WeldNote, Lda. will supply the user’s account data in the event of a notification or judicial subpoena to that effect.
  7. The user can change his or her personal data at any given moment.
  8. WeldNote, Lda.reserves the right to change these privacy clauses regarding the service’s privacy policy. If such changes are significant, WeldNote, Lda. will notify the user 24 hours before.
  9. These conditions aim at ensuring the user can profit safely and effectively from the service provided by WeldNote, Lda..
  10. Any doubts or questions about this privacy policy should be sent to [email protected]