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General Questions

1. Is my company’s data safe?
This is a very common concern, and it is completely justifiable. However, there have been a lot of companies that had troubles with crashing computers and/or servers which made them lose important data that ended up being a non-negligible cost. This problem does not happen with services such as Gmail, Facebook, or even your bank’s online service, it’s highly unlikely that you’d lose your e-mails, posts, or have your bank account balance reset to 0€. WeldNote was created with modern technologies and is hosted in a secure data center owned by Amazon in the US. There are frequent back-ups of data and redundant servers, which means that data safety is guaranteed.
2. How does “cloud-based” work?

WeldNote is hosted in an online server in the US. Your company’s data is available to you from the moment you use your login credentials, from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone

3. Does our company need to purchase more than one account? If we decide to have multiple accounts, what would be the cost?

While there is a restriction to the number of users to have an account for access to WeldNote, you do not require a new account to do so. Besides that, if your company has different subsidiaries throughout the world (e.g. WeldNote America, and WeldNote Australia), you can use the same WeldNote account, and you can differentiate projects, PQR, WPS and Welder Certificates for each of these companies.

4. WeldNote supports ASME IX, ISO 15614-1 and ISO 9606-1 standards. My company uses different standards. Can I still use WeldNote?

Yes. There will be some small limitations however. WeldNote automatically fills approval ranges on Welder Certificates and PQR for the standards it supports. Your company is free to add a new Standard to the database, but these approval ranges will have to be inserted manually. All the remaining functionalities remain unchanged, but if you wish to have your most used standards implemented for your company, please contact us with the specific request.

5. Is there a pricing plan for a local installation on our company?

No. WeldNote is based on the web and the standard plans only apply to this method.

6. If a new standard becomes the industry standard, or there is an update on an existing one, does WeldNote update itself as well?

Yes. Our team is constantly checking for new standards, analyzing them and if there are significant changes to the relevant parts, updating WeldNote’s code to be in line with the new, updated standard.