Weld Tracking and Project Performance

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Weld Tracking and Project Performance

Register all project welds and keep track of the project's overall progress as well as individual components and weld progress.

Weld Tracking

Register every weld in a project and attach base materials, filler metals, welders, NDT reports, WPSs, etc.

Monitor Production

Keep track of production status. Identify bottlenecks in the various stages of production of a weld or component.

Welder and WPS Performance

Monitor the repair percentages of welders and WPS’, either in a Project basis or globally for your whole company.

Project Data Book

Generate a PDF document with all the base metals, filler metals, welders, welder qualifications, PQR’s, WPS’, Drawings, NDT Reports, and more.

Weld Progress

Easily monitor the progress of each weld and each component inside a project. Giving you fine-grained control over the status of a project.

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